ALMAC cryofreeze TO-C-3, three bourdon tube sensors. 0-10 hrs (Item No. 2247)                                  Used

Blue-M PCC-50C Portable cooling unit.  Ambient to -400C, 240V/1 ph/6.3A  Refrig. Lines connected   Good Used                        $1,800

 to remote sensor. (Item No. 1068)

Artic AC-5 air cooled chiller 230v/3ph/27A 5tons, 60,000BTU/hr, 17.6kw cooling 40 GPM @ 30PSI

. 36x57x53h 900lbs.                                                                                                                              Repaired & Tested                  $4,950


Buffalo 4101 Glycol Chiller. (Item No. 1076)                                                                                               As Is                                $750

Compressor, Harris LE-BC1-20 Lo Temp.  Copeland Cascade freezer 220 V/3/15 A. (Item No. 1071)     Used                                 $3,750


           Neslab cryocool CC-100II immersion cooler 115v,8.6A A/C                                                         Good                                $1,100

Compressor, Freon 12.  Tecumseh Model AE4440AC.  115 V  7 A. (Item No. 2245)                               As Is                                $175

Coolanol 20  Chevron/Monsanto  Dielectric Heat Transfer Fluid.  High performance, Wide liquid              Unused                            $1,250

range, Low Volatility, stability and compatibility with materials.  Used in Aircraft, aerospace industry.,Available in 5 gallon pails. (Item No. 1080)


Elkay ER-10,  two chillers in series w/holding tank, 2 pumps 115V, 60Hz, 1ph, 5.8A, 33" h. x 68" w.     Good Used                       $1,150

x 12" dp. On castors (Item No. 4710)


FTS RC-0037-B 208/230V 28A, POR (Item No. 4956)

HP-15E heat exchanger for Grant Fc-15lt-2e (Item No. 1047)                                                                      As Is                                 $250

Janis RS-38A Liq Helium Dewar 38 lit w. hermetic F.T on NW-50 flg (Item No. 1092)                             Used

LAUDA K-4/R Chiller.  Needs thermocouple. (Item No. 1059)                                                                   As Is                                 $650


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           Item                                                                                                                                                               Condition                       Price

Lepel #BWAG-5 water cooler-circulator 1.5 HP, 220V/ 3 Ph/ 6A (Item No. 3556)                                    Used                                 $1,500

M & W Systems R2 PC7-A-HE Flow rite recirculating cooling systems.  Two 500W refrigerators &       As Is                                 $1,250

two 1500W heaters.  Needs work. (Item No. 1065)

Neslab 153110 Endocal Refrig circulation bath (Item No. 1053)                                                                  Repaired & Tested            $650

Neslab CFT-25 A/C chiller, 220V 50Hz 1 ph 580 W cooling @ 20 C Unused in box (Item No. 4858)      Unused                             $1,250


            Neslab CFT-25 A/C chiller, 120V 60Hz 1 ph 580 W cooling @ 20 C                                                         Used                                  $700


Neslab Coolflow 50 P/N NA181 WD  115V 15A approx 1500W cooling A/C. (Item No. 1057)              As Is                                 $1,100

Neslab HX-150 W/C chiller. 208V, 12.5A 1 ph 4500W; 15,345 BTU@20 C.  5 GPM@25 PSI (Item      Good Used                       $2,500

No. 1063)



Neslab P BC-2 bath cooler  220V 1Ph.  4.6A 60Hz.  1000W cooling.  A/C. (Item No. 1055)                    As Is                                 $450

Neslab PD-2, pump option for CFT serives, 208v 1Ph 50/60 Hz  ,3.5GPM @ 50 PSI (Item No.               Good Used                      $200



Neslab RTE-5 chiller. 115V, 400W cooling @ 20C A/C (Item No. 1051)                                                   Repaired & Tested            $1,100

Oxford Lasers GP-2000-M. manual gas chiller purifier for Excimer UHV rare gas lasers. Needs LN.        As Is                                 $1,000

110/220V, 5/2.5A, 1ph 600W. (Item No. 5097)


Oxford Lasers GP-2000 gas chiller purifier for Excimer UHV rare gas lasers. Needs LN. 110/120V,       As Is                                 $750

1200W, 10A 50/60Hz. (Item No. 5096)


Polycold 4 cu. ft. expansion tank. (Item No. 520)                                                                                         Excellent                           $250

Polycold PCT-200 trap refrigerator.  208/230V 3 Ph.  8A (Item No. 1088)                                                 As Is                                 $2,500

Polycold P-20 cryocooler for baffles & traps, -50 C @ 50W, 115V, 5A, 1PH, 60HZ (Item No. 4957)       Operational                       $500

Polycold PCT-500 trap refrigerator.  208/230V 3 Ph.  18A (Item No. 1090)                                               As Is                                 $5,000

Polycold-PGC 100, 230v, 1ph, 7.5amp, 200 std cubic ft/hr.  Dry Gas Chiller@ -100 C (Item No.              Repaired & Tested            $2,000



Polycold-P 75, cryo generator, with cold head mounted on an NW 100                                                       Repaired & Tested            $1,500

flange with a flex line, 115v, 1ph, 12amps. (Item No. 4506)


            RAMCOR CH751-A 1399 A/C CHILLER. 208-230V 1 PH. COOLS 2640W @680F

4GPM@10PSI                                                                                                                                            Good                                 $1,650


RD-15E control unit only, for Grant Fc-15lt-2e. (Item No. 1049)                                                                As Is                                 $200

S0-Low PR 100-E Deep freeze 115V 0 to –100deg. F18" w x 30"l x 16"d.  2 cooling loops. U-E             As Is                                 $500

indicating controller. Needs work. (Item No. 1073)


Science/Electronics Mfg. by Grant FC-15LT-2E comp, HP-15E heat exch.  RD-15E control unit (Item   As Is                                   $950

 No. 1044)


Thermotron P-CH-810-LN2, s/n 7333, Hot/Cold gas gen. 440V/3/18A, 3 HP 5.2A, uses heat & LN.       As Is                                 $5,000

SCHEM. E-7333Y, 62"h X 31"w X 31"d, on casters (Item No. 4568)


Varian liquid to air heat exchanger.  6" x  6"  heater radiator, w/Muffin fan.  Small pump for                     As Is                                 $150

anti-freeze.  3/8 OD tubes, 120V. (Item No. 1041)


Welch 3150B cryogenic refrig. 125 psi/air (Item No. 1086)                                                                          Used                                 $450