Semiconductor processing equipment



App Materials OZONATOR Ozone Generator S/N 582 P/N 0010-09093 REV. J 7 x 19 x 18 D              Needs Repair

(Item No. 3105)


Zenith G400-80-SS Ultra sonic cleaner w/10x14x10”hi SST tank needs tank plug 110v 15a               repaired & tested                    $1,200                                                                                                                                                                   


Branson B-125P 22" h x 16" w x 12" dp. Ultrasonic vapor degreaser for freon 120V 10A (Item No.        Good                                $950


Branson PLD-101 2 R  S/N4-6591-3                                                                                                                                                     POR

18x18x19 & 18x18x26 Tanks



GCA 4600 Wafer stepper. 5" wafer stage, assorted plates (Item No. 3107)                                                 Very Good

Intl. Plasma dual 8"d x 14" lg barrell plasma etcher, 1500 W RF P.S. 208-240V 1ph, 39" h x 37" w x       As Is                                 $1,750

24" d, needs work, no MP (Item No. 4751)


Galiso-NUVAC MRP-203 ELC Hot gas Recirculation & Sweep System. Circulates inert gas thru        Excellent                            POR

Vacuum chamber system to remove moisture & particulate. 208/230V 3ph 4 wire 12.7A 3HP

3ph 9.2A blower motor. Three KF-40 connections. Requires 18 CFM min. @ 100 millitorr external

dry pump. 19” w x 42 L x 45” hi caster cart. With Varian 990-CLD Turbo leak detector attached.

With Manual.


luoroware Systems 8230/116 Wash machine   ALso available 8221-188 (Item No. 3085)                           Used

MET-ONE, Point 5 particle counter. Digital read out. DBS. No schematic. (Item No. 5114)                       As Is                                 $450

Modulaire Flow Hood  33" x 33" x 8' L.  2 Blowers (Item No. 3097)                                                         As Is                                 $400

Technics 3000-1 Plasma Desmear System.  36"d x 40"lg Alum. chamber.  3" ASA Temescal Poppet       As Is                                 $9,000

Valve.  Pump system optional.  ENI 3KW RF P.S.  Vacuum General 80-4 flow monitors.  Vac gauge

& control console.  40K Hz-100 Khz (Item No. 3083)


Temptronic TP37A5-1 Thermal Chuck control unit.  No chuck. (Item No. 3099)                                        Used                                 $575

Temptronic TP450A semiconductor heat cycle test system, -60 to +150 C air stream. head, pwr unit,         As Is                                 $2,950

 & controls (Item No. 4688)


Varian A-scope for deposition thickness measurement.  Mod 980-4020 (Item No. 3103)                                                                     $3,250

Zylin 4" Wafer dry etcher with three ENI 1600 Power supplies. (Item No. 3081)                                        Very Good                       $10,000